Cottages by the sea with attractions for children

Holidays with children by the sea are quite a challenge for every parent. How to find suitable cottages by the sea with attractions for children?

We are well aware that even a few hours of car travel can be exhausting for everyone. Parents do their best to make the journey easier, often choosing more convenient travel times for the little ones. However, this is just a fraction of the entire family vacation landscape. Choosing the right accommodation by the sea for children is also a significant puzzle for parents.

What to consider when choosing seaside accommodation for children?

Before embarking on a family rest, we must select the right place: a hotel, private accommodations, a holiday cottage, agritourism – fortunately, there are many options. What should you consider when choosing family accommodation by the sea?

  • Kitchen or kitchenette – it’s a must for families with children since you never know when a child might get hungry or want a snack.
  • Several rooms – one room is definitely too small for families. Parents surely want freedom when their children are asleep.
  • The cottage should be suitable for children, e.g., stairs properly secured with a gate, and the area should be fenced.
  • Facilities on-site – a pool or playground – will be perfect when the little ones get tired of playing in the sand on the beach.

Certainly, cottages by the sea with attractions for children meet many of these needs. Renting a cottage gives you more freedom and space than, for example, a hotel room.

Nocleg nad morzem dla dzieci - galeria domki nad morzem
Nocleg nad morzem dla dzieci - domki nad morzem
Urlop nad morzem z dziećmi - domki nad morzem

How to prepare for a seaside vacation with children?

Once the decision to travel has been made, it’s time to pack everything needed for the journey and the entire holiday period by the sea with children. What should you consider?

  • For the journey, it’s good to take along: a travel pillow or headrest for older children, favorite plush toys, toys or games to entertain the youngest, snacks like sandwiches, fruits, homemade pancakes or waffles, water. It’s also good to have spare clothes in case of unexpected situations.
  • In the luggage, alongside clothing, consider space for a first-aid kit (band-aids, antiseptics, fever syrup, anti-diarrheal medications, high SPF sunscreens, sunburn creams, mosquito repellents, and ointments for insect bites).
  • Beach relaxation: Of course, on the way to the beach, you’ll be able to buy plenty of beach toys (buckets, shovels, molds, buckets), but it’s better to bring them from home. Also, bring a blanket or beach umbrella. If you choose a cottage by the sea in Fantazja Dębki, windbreaks to shield from the wind are provided with the cottage’s equipment.

Cottages by the Sea with Attractions for Children

Family vacations can truly be a relaxation for every family member. However, it’s good that the choice of accommodation by the Polish sea is not random but based on needs and the way we like to relax.

Cottages by the sea in Fantazja Dębki are undoubtedly prepared to accommodate families with children. Spacious cottages with a living room, kitchenette, and bathroom on the ground floor and two bedrooms upstairs can comfortably accommodate even a 5-person family. As these are year-round cottages, it doesn’t matter when you plan your vacation. We welcome you even in winter, when there’s the most iodine by the sea.

The living room features a TV with a Netflix app, simply log in to your account to watch favorite movies and cartoons. You can also monitor the playground on the TV. The main attraction for children is, of course, the large playground with a sandbox, based on our concept.

As eagerly as they enjoy the playground, children also use the pool. The pool is probably one of the essential holiday attractions. The water in our pool maintains a temperature of about 30 degrees Celsius. The depth is only 110 cm, so it’s an ideal size for slightly older children. We also have floats and goalposts in the pool. The pool is covered, making it an ideal solution when the weather plays tricks.

An additional attraction is the nearby ceramic workshop. There are artistic workshops for children.

For families who enjoy spending active time, we suggest renting bicycles. The bike rental is nearby on Łąkowa Street.

Of course, the sea and the sandy beach are probably the biggest attractions for children. Cottages by the sea in Fantazja Dębki are only 800 meters from the beach (you can hear the sound of waves at night!), so you will reach it in less than 15 minutes.

Pobyt wielkanocny nad morzem domki dzieci
boże ciał nad morzem domki dla dzieci
Atrakcje dla dzieci - domki nad morzem

Cottages by the sea for families with children are undoubtedly a very good choice – providing a lot of freedom enriched with attractions offered by Fantazja Dębki!

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