Lake Żarnowieckie and Kaszubskie Eye

Lake Żarnowieckie and Kaszubskie Eye are two notable attractions near the town of Dębki.

Lake Żarnowieckie and Kaszubskie Eye are separated by less than 2 km. Therefore, one can admire the beautiful and enchanting Kashubian landscape from a height of 36 meters.

Spływ kajakowy Piaśnicą- Dębki
Domki do wynajęcia - Dębki nad morzem

Lake Żarnowieckie near Dębki

Lake Żarnowieckie is a large lake located in Northern Kashubia, in the Wejherowo County. The reservoir covers 1431 hectares and stretches over 7 km in length and 2.6 km in width. Its maximum depth is just under 20 meters. The Piaśnica River flows through the reservoir, starting from here are kayak trips that end up at the beach.

In ancient times, the lake was owned by Cistercians. For centuries, it lay on the border between Prussia and the Kingdom of Poland. Until 1939, the Polish-German border ran along its northwest shore. The first nuclear power plant in Poland was planned to be built near the lake. However, in 1982, the country’s largest pumped-storage hydroelectric power station with a capacity of 716 MW was constructed there.

Attractions of Lake Żarnowieckie

The lake is an important tourist attraction. Its clear water and sandy beaches attract those seeking relaxation. The reservoir is also an excellent place for water sports. There are motorboats, kayaks, pedal boats, and even a windsurfing and kitesurfing school in Lubkowo.

Near the lake, there is a branch of the Puck Land Museum named after Florian Ceynowa – the Gentry and Fishermen’s Homestead in Nadole.

Lake Żarnowieckie is a significant spot for anglers. Over 20 species of fish live here, including roach, perch, pike, bream, tench, ide, bleak, and one can even catch catfish, eel, trouts, and even salmon.

Nadmorski Park Krajobrazowy - DĘBKI
Atrakcję w Dębkach - Dębki nad morzem

Kaszubskie Eye near Dębki

Right next to the lake is another attraction – the Kaszubskie Eye observation tower, from which one can admire the surrounding lakes, forests, and even the sea. There are 212 stairs and an elevator leading to the observation platform. The tower with the hill is 44 meters high, and the observation platform is at 36 meters. Considering the terrain and the fact that the tower is located on a hill, the observation platform is approximately 150 meters above sea level.

However, Kaszubskie Eye is not just an observation tower but an entire complex with attractions: dinosaur models and giants that once inhabited Kashubian lands, a playground, a rope park, and even a mini-golf course.

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