Dębki - the most beautiful beach along the polish coast

The beach in Dębki, whether willingly or not, has often competed in beauty contests. It has frequently topped online rankings, earning the title of "The Most Beautiful Beach in Poland." What's behind this admiration for the beach in Dębki?

Dębki is a charming former fishing village. You can still find colorful fishing boats on the beach, and while strolling through the town, you might come across old fishing cottages. However, Dębki attract tourists who love wide sandy beaches with sand as fine as flour. An interesting fact is that the sand on the beach in Dębki produces sounds. Walking on it, the dry upper layers create sounds toward the moister sand, causing an intriguing acoustic phenomenon.

Where can you find the most beautiful beach along the Polish coast? For us, the answer is obvious: in Dębki.

Where are Dębki located? It’s worth noting that searching for the town of Dębki can easily lead to confusion. Instead of reaching the Pomeranian Voivodeship, tourists might end up in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, specifically in the village of Dąbki. Dębki are situated in the Puck County, in the Krokowa commune, lying between Karwia and Białogóra.

Najpiękniejsza plaża nad polskim morzem - DĘBKI

Dębki - the most beautiful beach along the polish coast

Tourists, especially beachgoers, are enchanted by the beach in Dębki. The beach in Dębki is considered the prettiest in Poland and one of the most beautiful in Europe – this, of course, is a subjective assessment by individuals participating in various rankings. The beach, located close to nature, away from buildings and roads, near the seaside forest, is wide, even over 100 meters (only wider in Świnoujście), and stretches for about 3 kilometers. This means that even during the peak season, it doesn’t feel crowded. The sand is almost white and very soft, resembling flour. A beautiful view also unfolds at the mouth of the Piaśnica river. Upon leaving the beach, a walk towards the main promenade is about 500 meters. Here, one can certainly satisfy hunger and thirst. There are plenty of restaurants, bars, and stalls where you can buy everything needed for relaxation and beach fun.

The beach in Dębki spans between entrances 18 and 24. The quickest way to reach the beach, starting from our Fantazja Dębki cottages, is through entrance number 20. A little further, at entrance number 19, you can see the Rybaczówka lookout tower. Entrance number 18, on the other hand, is chosen by dog owners as it is the dog-friendly beach in Dębki. Entrance number 24, right at the mouth of the Piaśnica, is also very charming.

Beach in Dębki also for naturists

The beach in Dębki is also one of the most famous and legal naturist beaches in Poland – accessible through entrance number 26. This part of the beach is separated from families with children by the Piaśnica estuary – discretion and tranquility guaranteed. If you’re arriving near the beach by car, it’s best to mark it on the map as “Dębki Naked Beach.”

Plaża dla nudystów - DĘBKI
najpiękniejsza plaża w Polsce Dębki

Is it worth going to Dębki for the beach?

The beach in Dębki is one of the most beautiful in Poland. If you appreciate tranquility and aren’t seeking nightlife revelries but simply want to relax, Dębki would be an ideal choice.

Of course, besides beach activities in Dębki, there are attractions that will allow you to spend an active vacation by the sea. You can rent a bike, try a rope park, ride quads, jet ski, or go for a kayak trip. There’s no shortage of attractions in Dębki!

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