Horse riding and Białogóra Horse Stud

Horse riding by the sea? It's easy! In Białogóra, approximately 20 km from Dębki, there is the well-known Białogóra Horse Stud.

The Białogóra Horse Stud houses over 80 horses available for horseback riding, catering to both amateurs and professionals. During the summer, the stud experiences high demand, so it’s advisable to call ahead and make an appointment.

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Stadnina koni - DĘBKI

Białogóra Horse Stud

Located adjacent to the nature reserve, less than 1 km from the sea, the Białogóra Horse Stud has been operating since 1989. Most of the horses are suitable for both beginners and more advanced riders. Young horse enthusiasts can enjoy pony rides.

Beginner riders learn horse riding on the lunge, in the corridor, and in the manege. Advanced riders can embark on trail rides and gallops on the beach.

Therefore, if horse riding is your dream or a regular recreational activity, you can easily partake in it while also exploring the Kashubia region.

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