Dębki by the sea – curiosities and attractions

Dębki by the sea – a place known for its beautiful long beach, old fishing cottages, and boats, also has its other side. Scenes for the movie "Dzień Świra" were filmed here, and it's also where the song "Jolka, Jolka pamiętasz" by Budka Suflera originated. What other curiosities and attractions does this seaside settlement hold?

Dębki is a small fishing settlement and tourist destination with a beautiful long beach situated between Karwia and Białogóra in the Pomeranian Voivodeship. Dębki are approximately 25 km from Jastrzębia Góra, about 30 km from Władysławowo, 66 km from Hel, and over 70 km from Sopot. The town is located within the Coastal Landscape Park.

Historia i ciekawostki - Dębki nad morzem

Dębki – history and curiosities

The first mention of Dębki dates back to 1277. It is already associated with nuns since Duke Mściwój II presented Dębki to the Norbertine Sisters from Żukowo. Between the 16th and 18th centuries, the village was leased by the Dembko family, from whom the present name originates.

Dębki are situated not only by the sea but also near the mouth of the Piaśnica River. During the Interwar Period, the border of the Second Polish Republic ran through here. There was a border guard post located here.

After 1920, Dębki became popular among holidaymakers who eagerly purchased seaside plots from fishing families (who received the land in the 19th century after being emancipated). A significant figure for the settlement was Professor Adam Wrzosek, originally from Poznań, specializing in pathomorphology and anthropology. In 1923, he bought a Kashubian cottage where he established an Ethnographic Museum. Later, he modernized his residence, creating a beautiful manor. Next to it stands the wooden church of Our Lady of Częstochowa, initiated by the professor’s family. These buildings are now owned by Caritas and are located at 10 Zakonna Street.

During World War II, Dębki began to develop again in terms of tourism. The number of people wanting to relax on the sandy beach near the pine forests increased. This led to the growth of accommodation and gastronomic services. Rooms for rent, summer cottages, bars, and fish fryers sprung up like mushrooms after rain. Dębki became one of the most popular resorts on the Polish coast.

"Jolka, Jolka pamiętasz" by Budka Suflera - a holiday adventure by the sea

The song “Jolka, Jolka pamiętasz” by Budka Suflera certainly wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Marek Dutkiewicz’s holiday visit to Dębki. In nearby Karwia in 1982, he met Jolka, who came to the seaside with her son while her husband was working in England. After their acquaintance ended, allegedly with Jolka’s consent, Dutkiewicz described the moments of love and excitement. Thus, the possibly biggest hit of Budka Suflera was born, a tune we still hum today. Dutkiewicz also included many elements of difficult everyday life in the lyrics, such as problems with fuel availability. However, he also encapsulated a fragment of the Dębki landscape in the words “Nuns walked along the beach, and the sun went down.”

Dębki also inspired the band Pudelsi to create the song “Na plaży w Dębkach”. They have been and still are an attractive backdrop for filmmakers. Scenes for the movies “Dzień Świra” by Marek Koterski, “The Butler” by Filip Bajon, and “Popiełuszko. Freedom Is Within Us” directed by Rafał Wieczyński were filmed here.

Wakacyjna przygoda nad morzem - Dębki nad morzem
Dębki atrakcje nad morzem plaża

Dębki attractions

Dębki attract tourists every year who want to relax in the sunshine and the sound of waves. It is during the holiday season that most attractions await vacationers. Off-season, Dębki are an ideal place for those seeking peace and quiet and who appreciate the winter aspects of seaside resorts.

The most significant attraction in Dębki, of course, is the stunning, long, sandy beach. There is an observation tower right beside it. It’s worth noting that Dębki are located within the Coastal Landscape Park – the scent of pine needles, forest litter, combined with the sea breeze, is an attraction in itself.

Dębki are also close to nearby attractions. Nearby are Lake Żarnowieckie, Kaszubskie Oko, and the Castle Museum in Krokowa.

Dębki also offer active attractions. It’s worth renting a bike (there are bike trails running through the town), kayaks, going on quad rides, visiting a rope park, or taking a scenic flight with a powered paraglider. Both older and younger tourists will not get bored in Dębki.

Dębki cottages for rent – the tourist potential

The tourist potential of Dębki has been well utilized. After 1980, Dębki were discovered by the Warsaw elite. Actors, artists, and journalists began to appear here. Although at that time, rental cottages were not as popular as they are now, some found the campsite sufficient. Dębki began to develop after 2005 when they became widely known due to advertising. The accommodation base has steadily increased. Today, holiday cottages for rent have become part of the landscape of this once fishing settlement.

Domki do wynajęcia - Dębki nad morzem
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