Cottages by the sea with a pool

Cottages by the sea with a pool, a jacuzzi, and even a sauna – these are the most frequently searched words on the Polish internet, signaling successful vacations for holidaymakers. After all, we’ve long known that the weather by the Baltic Sea can be capricious, so it’s good to have an alternative like a spa.


Fantazja Dębki offers year-round cottages by the sea, and the property includes a spa area:

  •  A heated and covered pool measuring 4×9.5 meters and 110 cm in depth. The pool is heated using heat pumps, maintaining a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius during the summer.

  • A hydro massage jacuzzi located right next to the pool under a shelter.

  • A dry sauna accommodating 6-8 people.

Domki z basenem - domki w Dębkach

Cottages by the sea in Dębki with a pool

When booking a holiday, we often wonder about the weather. Unfortunately, predicting it is challenging. On sunny days, we can expect scenes reminiscent of the Mediterranean, while on cooler and rainy days, it might resemble landscapes found near the polar circles. Cottages with a pool are an excellent idea for successful vacations by the Polish seaside. A covered and heated pool is an excellent attraction regardless of the weather.

It’s delightful to start the day with a swim in the pool or find a way for children who might be bored with other attractions. Especially because the pool at Fantazja Dębki is equipped with gadgets for fun in the water, such as goalposts for water games or inflatable mattresses.

Cottages by the sea with jacuzzi

Another equally desirable amenity at the property with summer cottages is the sauna and jacuzzi. A jacuzzi wonderfully relaxes the entire body. Regular bubble baths offer many benefits not only for the body but also for the mind. A soak in such a tub can alleviate pain, relax joints and muscles, improve circulation, reduce stress, and even naturally support immunity.

How does a jacuzzi work? The principle is quite simple: the tub has jets that direct a water stream under pressure to specific parts of the body. The water temperature in a jacuzzi usually ranges from 35 to 38 degrees Celsius. Due to its properties, a jacuzzi bath is recommended all year round.

Are there any contraindications for using a jacuzzi? Even children and older people can use a jacuzzi, but safety precautions must be taken during such baths. Small children should not bathe alone in a jacuzzi. There are also several contraindications. People with circulatory system diseases, infections, unhealed wounds, skin diseases, or sensitivity to chlorine should not use a jacuzzi. It’s also advised to abstain from alcohol before entering a jacuzzi.

How long can one stay in a jacuzzi? In a hydro massage tub, you can stay for no longer than 20 minutes. This time allows relaxation without overheating the body.

Domki z jacuzzi- domki w Dębkach

Cottages by the sea with spa: dry sauna

Domki, spa - galeria domki w Dębkach

A single sauna session should last from 8 to 15 minutes. However, it’s essential to adjust the time to individual capabilities. Before entering the sauna, take a shower, remove jewelry, and swimwear. In such high temperatures, artificial textiles can burn the skin and certainly do not help in eliminating toxins. Towels (for feet and body) should be brought to the sauna. If planning a longer sauna session, it’s advisable to cover the head with a towel to avoid overheating the skin and hair. In the sauna, breathing through the mouth is recommended.

Of course, there are also contraindications for using a sauna. Pregnancy, menstruation, circulatory system diseases, infections with high temperatures – these are just some factors that exclude relaxation in the sauna. However, if nothing prevents trying a sauna session, it’s worth giving it a try. Even after one session, you can feel significant relaxation.

n the spa zone at Fantazja Dębki, there’s also a dry sauna comfortably accommodating 6-8 people. Sauna sessions have many health benefits, making it recommended all year round. Regular sessions in a dry sauna, also known as a Finnish sauna, improve skin condition, reduce tension and fatigue, and support the immune system.

In a dry sauna, the temperature ranges from 80 to 120 degrees Celsius, and the air humidity is only about 15%. Under these conditions, the human skin begins to work differently. Its temperature increases, stimulating the production of immune cells. Skin pores also expand, allowing toxins and other impurities to be eliminated more rapidly. Moreover, sauna sessions support digestion, accelerate blood circulation, and improve skin condition.

Domki, spa - domki w Dębkach

Our cottages by the sea in Dębki are not only comfortable summer accommodations but also a spa area (pool, jacuzzi, sauna), making vacations by the Polish sea more enjoyable for everyone. You're welcome!

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