Seaside Landscape Park

The Seaside Landscape Park was established in 1978 as one of the first parks of its kind in Poland. It covers an area of nearly 19,000 hectares, stretching across the entire Hel Peninsula to Białogóra.

Dębki are fortunate to be situated within the Seaside Landscape Park area. This enhances their touristic value significantly. The beautiful, long, and wide beach is just one aspect. Sand dunes and coastal pine forests, occasionally mixed, create an unparalleled atmosphere.

Seaside Landscape Park – area and location

The Seaside Landscape Park spans exactly 18,804 hectares, with nearly 60% of its area comprising the waters of the Inner Puck Bay. The park stretches across the entire Hel Peninsula and the coastline from Władysławowo to Białogóra.

The park was established to preserve the biodiversity of this unique coastal landscape, as well as its rich natural and cultural heritage. Its protection covers low-lying floodplains, lowland peatlands, dunes, and cliffs. Within the park and its buffer zone, 13 nature reserves have been created (Przylądek Rozewski, Słone Łąki, Widowo, Bielawa, Babnica, Beka, Białogóra, Długosz Królewski in Wierzchucino, Dolina Chłapowska, Mechlińskie Łąki, Piaśnickie Łąki, Zielone, Helskie Wydmy), along with 5 ecological areas, 1 site documenting inanimate nature, and Natura 2000 sites.

Wakacyjna przygoda nad morzem - Dębki nad morzem
Nadmorski Park Krajobrazowy - DĘBKI

Under Protection

The Seaside Landscape Park isn’t just about flora. Here you can find seagulls, eagles, and hawks. In the waters, there are crustaceans, mollusks, perches, and eels. Additionally, the Puck Bay is a habitat for grey seals.

Protected plants include salt aster, sea holly, and cloudberry. 40% of the park’s land is covered by forests, including coastal pine forests growing on grey dunes. These forests stabilize the dunes and cliffs.

The park area also contains valuable cultural heritage sites associated with Kashubian folklore and fishing settlements. The first settlements in the park area appeared around 2,500 B.C. The earliest historical records mention Hel in 1198. Later, there are historical mentions of Puck. The village of Karwieńskie Błota stands out within the Seaside Landscape Park due to the town’s spatial layout. Culturally important villages include Rewa, Karwia, Rozewie, Jastarnia, Kuźnica, and Swarzewo.

Seaside forest in Dębki

The Seaside Landscape Park can be explored not only on foot but also by bike. Bike paths from Dębki lead cyclists to places like Karwia and Białogóra.

Dębki are located near the Białogóra Reserve, Piaśnickie Łąki, and Widowo. The first is characterized by the presence of a swampy forest. The latter, as the name suggests, features beautifully preserved meadows near the Piaśnica River. The Widowo Reserve, on the other hand, captivates with its dunes, depressions, and oak-pine forests.

Domki do wynajęcia - Dębki nad morzem
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