A rope park for children and others in Dębki

A rope park is great fun and a challenge for the whole family, not just the youngest members. The rope parks in Dębki also have routes for more advanced climbers.

Nowadays, a rope park is a must-see for many a trip and holiday. So it’s no surprise that there are two rope parks in the beautiful forests of Dębki, and crossing all the routes can be quite a task.

Park linowy LINOVO

Rope park LINOVO

The Linovo rope park is just over 1km away from the Fantazja Dębki holiday facility. After purchasing a ticket you will be equipped with equipment such as a helmet, harness and carabiners. The park staff will then give you a short training session, during which you will learn, for example, how to use the belay equipment.

There are, of course, different levels of difficulty in the Linovo Park:

  • Junior Park is a route for the youngest fans of rope parks. Stable platforms, safety nets suspended about 1 metre above the ground – make your stay here fun, but above all safe!
  • The Small Park is a route for children who are already of kindergarten age. It consists of a series of obstacles (e.g. zigzag, cloud walk or sea buoy ride) and slopes. The route takes a maximum of half an hour to complete.
  • The Medium Park is an area, with a total length of 170 m, prepared for even older children. The route is suspended 4-6 metres above the ground. The obstacles to overcome include hurdles, a spider web and a stork’s nest. It will take a maximum of 40 minutes to complete.
  • The large park, on the other hand, is the longest single rope route in Poland. There are eight downhill runs on the route. The longest downhill run is 100 metres long. The total number of obstacles is 42. The highest point of the route hangs at a height of almost 10 metres. And you will complete the entire advanced route in about 1.5 – 2 hours.

Tarzanek rope park for children and youngsters

The Tarzanek rope park is practically right next door. From Fantazja Dębki you will get there in about 20 minutes. This park also has very good reviews. Parents praise the instructors’ approach to children and appreciate the whole concept of laying out all the routes. An important note for regular visitors: this rope park used to be called the Ju-huu rope park.

Park linowy dla dzieci i młodzieży | DĘBKI
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