Rybaczówka Observation Tower

Atrakcję w Dębkach - Dębki nad morzem

Want to get a bird's-eye view of Dębki, the beach, and the forest? Rybaczówka Observation Tower

The Rybaczówka Observation Tower in Dębki, located at the main entrance number 19, was built in 2015 within the fishing port area and serves for its operations. Rybaczówka repair their equipment and sell fish freshly caught from the Baltic Sea here. A crucial part of the complex, in terms of tourism, is the 20-meter observation tower, which, for a fee, visitors can climb to admire the views. The tower also has an elevator. Rybaczówka Observation Tower is open daily during the season and mostly on weekends off-season. For current hours, you can check the Google Business profile for Rybaczówka Observation Tower.

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