Where to Eat in Dębki? – Restaurants, Bars, and Cafés

Where to Eat in Dębki? – Restaurants, Bars, and Cafés

As befits a tourist destination by the Polish seaside, Dębki have a lot to offer in terms of culinary experiences. What restaurants, bars, and cafes should you visit while you’re here? We recommend a few tried and tested places.

Visiting Dębki during the holiday season, from June to early September, ensures you’ll find plenty of places to enjoy delicious meals. Most restaurants are seasonal, so if you arrive outside the typical vacation season, it’s advisable to prepare with groceries to cook something good in the kitchen. However, during the summer, the choice of restaurants, bars, and cafes is vast, whether you’re a fan of Polish or Italian cuisine.

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Dębki restauracje co i gdzie warto zjeść

Where to have lunch in Dębki?

Our culinary journey in Dębki starts with a familiar taste for everyone, namely “Home-made Dinners at Hania’s.” The venue is located on the main promenade, Spacerowa Street. During lunch hours, finding an available table might be challenging. At this restaurant, you can indulge in typical home-cooked meals: pork cutlet with potatoes, goulash, cod or zander with fries, dumplings, devolay, tomato soup, or Kaszubian fish soup with salmon. There are also desserts available: pancakes with jam or cottage cheese. Customers praise this place for its generous portions and tasty food. And to drink, homemade compote or lemonade.

Distance from Fantazja Dębki >> about 1 km (15 minutes on foot), Spacerowa Street

Another place that should be visited by every pierogi enthusiast is “Pierogi House Masza.” It’s not a restaurant but rather a bar, so expect to eat very tasty pierogi there—Russian-style, with meat, salmon and spinach, cheese, fruits—though served on plastic tableware. They also offer soups like broth, borscht, and “ears” (Polish-style dumplings).

Distance from Fantazja Dębki >> about 550 m (8 minutes on foot), Łąkowa Street

The Best Pizza in Dębki

Of course, no vacation, even by the Polish seaside, is complete without Italian pizza. This universal meal appeals to almost everyone: it’s portable for the beach, and for parents with children, it’s almost a lifesaver when their little one gets hungry.

In Dębki, there are several restaurants where you can enjoy pizza. It’s worth heading to “Desperados Restaurant Dębki.” You’ll find very delicious pizza in various versions there, but it’s not limited to that; the menu includes appetizers, salads, soups, main dishes like mussels, shrimp risotto, grilled tenderloins in gorgonzola sauce, baked trout with asparagus, salmon steak, and pasta such as tagliatelle with salmon and spinach or spaghetti carbonara. The restaurant is spacious enough to accommodate larger groups. Orders are placed at the bar. At the beginning of the holiday season, it’s advisable to have cash with you, as card payments might not be accepted. You can also pay using mobile payment methods like Blik.

Distance from Fantazja Dębki >> about 750 m (9 minutes on foot), Spacerowa Street

Another pizza restaurant is “Pizzeria Najlepiej.” Here, you’ll only find pizza unless you’re in the mood for cream soup or dessert, which are also on the menu. Classic pizza options are available: focaccia, margherita, napoli, or more diverse ones like rustic, pear, tuna, or gamberi with mango and chili pepper. There’s an option to order gluten-free dough. You can also order pizza for delivery within Dębki or to the beach entrance!

Distance from Fantazja Dębki >> about 950 m (11 minutes on foot), Morska 2 Street

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Where to Eat Fish?

Perhaps “Chyba Ryba Bistro Dębki” – don’t let the name mislead you. We confirm that you’ll find genuine fish there: Atlantic cod, halibut, sea bream, or fish & chips. Additionally, you’ll find tasty soups, starters (blood sausage croquettes, salted herring), and even dishes like knuckle, burgers, vegan cutlets, and pasta. There are also several options for children: chicken breast, spaghetti, or fries. Customers appreciate this place for its friendly service, tasty dishes, and presentation. Although prices are slightly higher than in other places.

Distance from Fantazja Dębki >> about 900 m (11 minutes on foot), Morska 1 Street

Another place to enjoy fish is the “Rybka” bar. Their menu includes fried fish (cod, flounder, trout, zander), oven-baked fish, soups, grilled pork neck or chicken breast, and even pierogi. The bar is located on the main promenade.

Distance from Fantazja Dębki >> about 800 m (10 minutes on foot), Spacerowa Street

Where to Find Good Ice Cream, Waffles, and Cakes in Dębki?

Now that we’ve satisfied the initial hunger, it’s time for dessert! Ice cream, waffles, sweet cakes – you’ll find everything in Dębki to satisfy your cravings.

The longest queues on the promenade are at the “Natural Ice Cream” café. Ice cream and sorbets are, of course, the specialty here. In addition to ice cream, you can enjoy good coffee, freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, granita, and crispy waffles with toppings. The café also offers Italian ice cream.

Distance from Fantazja Dębki >> about 1 km (13 minutes on foot), Spacerowa 16 Street

Another café is “Ice Cream and Waffles at Wiola’s,” also located on Spacerowa Street. As the name suggests, the café’s specialty is waffles in various flavors (Nutella, honey, powdered sugar, with whipped cream, or caramel) as well as natural and Italian ice cream. You can also enjoy cream-filled pastries and aromatic coffee.

Distance from Fantazja Dębki >> about 750 m (9 minutes on foot), Spacerowa Street

A place with delicious ice cream and cakes is the Wenta bakery-patisserie. The flavors of natural ice cream might surprise you, just like the sweet buns, cream puffs, pralines, tartlets, and cakes. Naturally, you can also buy bread here, so it’s a good idea to combine the essential with sweet pleasure.

Distance from Fantazja Dębki >> about 750 m (9 minutes on foot), Spacerowa Street

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Co warto spróbować - DĘBKI

Dębki – What's Worth Trying?

And if it turns out that after the main course and dessert, you still have room to try something extraordinary, be sure to visit these two places.

Fiszka Sieć Smażalni Szprotek” invites you to an unconventional snack – smoked sprat! Customers praise the place for its excellent, crispy, well-fried sprats, served in large portions. You can add fries and drinks to your sprats.

Distance from Fantazja Dębki >> about 1 km (12 minutes on foot), Zakonna 1 Street

On the other hand, if you fancy snacking on smoked shrimp, be sure to visit “Wędzarnia u Kaszuba.” You can choose from a wide range of fish, fish and vegetable skewers, but what captivates us are the shell-less smoked shrimp in an herbal seasoning, smoked cold.

Distance from Fantazja Dębki >> about 1 km (12 minutes on foot), Zakonna 1 Street

We hope our culinary guide to restaurants, bars, and cafes in Dębki will help you choose a place where you’ll enjoy a delicious meal. It’ll be one of the reasons why coming back to Dębki will be worthwhile!

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