August and Holidays by the Sea

August is an excellent time for a vacation by the Polish sea. Many people are returning from their holidays, making the beaches less crowded. You can enjoy beautiful weather, warm Baltic waters, and a more peaceful atmosphere.

The End of August by the Sea

The end of August by the sea is a somewhat mysterious period. The weather is almost perfect, but many people, already caught up in the preparations for the new school year, leave the beaches, promenades, and restaurants, which start to become deserted. Perhaps it’s worth taking advantage of this? Especially if you don’t like pushing through crowds and don’t want your holiday rest to be interrupted by a cheerful crowd outside your window at seven in the morning.

Why August by the Sea?

It’s generally less crowded, giving us a chance for peace and relaxation. The prices are also pleasantly surprising. In the last weeks of August, parents are fervently running through supermarket aisles, trying to buy the entire school kit, with no thought of holidays by the sea in August. But is this behavior sensible?

From an economic point of view, the prices of stationery simply rise at the end of August. Therefore, it’s worth preparing the school kit in May or June and not leaving it to the last minute. This way, we can enjoy the charms of August holidays, benefiting from peace and lower prices by the sea. Besides, August is the time when the water in the Baltic is the warmest, which is an additional incentive to spend your vacation on the beach.

Accommodation – August by the Sea

Recently, there has been a trend of booking rooms and accommodation by the sea at the last minute. However, it’s worth doing this a few weeks in advance, as this way we can secure accommodation at an attractive price.

When planning a trip to the sea, you need to think carefully about what type of accommodation will be ideal for you. If you value the “breakfast in bed” option, definitely choose a hotel that provides meals. Unless your partner is willing to serve you breakfast in bed every day. If you’re looking for cheap accommodation in August by the sea, opt for private lodgings.

Of course, we encourage you to stay in the comfortable, year-round cottages of Fantazja Dębki with access to a pool, sauna, and jacuzzi. The new cottages with a living room and kitchenette, as well as two bedrooms upstairs, will ensure a really comfortable stay. On-site, you’ll find everything you need: a dishwasher, washing machine, TV with streaming apps, and a terrace with a grill! Don’t like cooking? No worries, in Dębki you’ll find several very good restaurants, bakeries, ice cream and waffle stands, and, of course, fish fryers!

August by the sea also offers numerous attractions, which are usually open until mid or late September. So, coming to the seaside for a vacation at the end of August, you can enjoy a pleasant ease, without worrying that most of the entertainment will be closed. Moreover, it’s the perfect time for long walks along the shore, cycling on scenic routes, and enjoying the charms of coastal nature.


August by the Polish sea is an excellent choice for those who desire a peaceful rest in a less crowded environment. Lower prices, beautiful weather, and fewer tourists are just some of the benefits. With early reservations, you can find attractive offers on accommodation by the sea, such as those in the comfortable cottages of Fantazja Dębki. Spend August by the sea and recharge your batteries before September, enjoying the charms of the Polish coast.

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