Autumn by the sea

Who said that you can only go to the Baltic Sea in the summer? Spend autumn by the sea with your child, enjoy the peace, and take advantage of the health-promoting climate. It’s also an excellent choice for a holiday for seniors.

Poland’s golden autumn by the sea is the perfect time for a peaceful rest, without the crowds, and still with pleasant temperatures. Long walks on the beach with your child provide a beneficial health therapy and are also a great way to improve health for seniors.

Autumn by the Sea – Where to Go?

Poland’s coastline stretches for over 500 km, so why choose Dębki for a weekend or holiday by the sea in autumn?

Dębki, a small fishing village in the heart of the Coastal Landscape Park, has one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe! Surrounded by beautiful dunes, pine forests, and peat bogs, it offers exceptional natural experiences. The Piaśnica River flows through the village, allowing for kayaking all the way to the Baltic Sea. Numerous hiking and biking trails lead through charming spots, and educational initiatives provide insights into the local nature.

You can admire old fishing cottages and boats here. The Coastal Landscape Park area ensures fresh, clean air and picturesque landscapes. In autumn, Dębki offers peace and quiet, perfect for relaxation and active recreation.

Autumn by the Sea with a Child

Dębki is also a great place to spend a holiday by the sea with your child. If you have a preschool-aged child, nothing stands in the way of planning a longer health-promoting trip for your family. A trip to the sea in autumn might help your child build greater immunity for the winter season. Therefore, it’s worth going for a 2-3 week stay, during which you can enjoy long walks on the beach.

Children and pregnant women should visit the sea in autumn for several important reasons. Strong winds and large waves release a saltwater aerosol rich in trace elements into the air. Iodine is crucial for health, affecting thyroid function, which regulates metabolism and many other bodily functions, including the physical and mental development of children. Pregnant women have an increased need for iodine, essential for both them and their developing child. An autumn stay by the sea helps saturate the body with this important element.

Additionally, the clean sea air, especially when the wind blows from the Baltic, benefits people with respiratory diseases, which is important for young children prone to such conditions. A stay by the sea in autumn hardens the body, improves circulation, and strengthens immunity thanks to the brisk climate and cold Baltic water.

By choosing a suitable accommodation, you won’t have to worry about boredom. If you’re interested in a large playground, covered pool, sauna, and jacuzzi, book a cottage at Fantazja Dębki. Modern cottages with a living room and kitchenette, two bedrooms, and a bathroom are a great place to relax by the sea on your own terms.

The cottages have everything you need for a comfortable holiday: a well-equipped kitchen, washing machine, TV, and a terrace with a grill. Fantazja Dębki is only 800 meters from the beach.

Autumn for Seniors by the Sea

Autumn by the sea is also an excellent period for seniors! Pleasant temperatures, no crowds, and a peaceful atmosphere foster relaxation and regeneration. Seniors should go to the sea for many reasons related to the beneficial effects of nature on their health and well-being. Scientific research shows that contact with green and blue spaces, such as forests and the sea, brings numerous benefits regardless of physical activity levels. Dr. Ewa Jarosz from the University of Warsaw emphasizes that being outdoors, even without active movement, improves mood and cognitive functioning.

Contact with nature, including sights, sounds, and smells, like the sound of waves or bird songs, reduces stress and increases satisfaction. For seniors, lower air pollution and noise levels are also important, contributing to relaxation. Even sitting on a bench surrounded by nature brings significant health benefits, which is important for those with mobility limitations.

Summary: Weekend or Holiday in Autumn by the Baltic Sea

Autumn by the sea is a great opportunity for relaxation, both for families with children and for seniors. Dębki, with its picturesque beach and charming surroundings, offers ideal conditions for relaxation, active recreation, and benefiting from the health-promoting properties of the seaside climate. Without the crowds and surrounded by beautiful nature, you’ll spend unforgettable moments here, enjoying peace and quiet. Autumn by the sea is an excellent choice for regeneration and relaxation.

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