Polish Sea, Where to Spend Easter

Wondering where to spend Easter? In 2024, Easter Sunday falls on March 31st. It’s worth taking a longer vacation and relaxing for a few days in cottages by the sea.

Is March and April a good time for a vacation by the sea? The coastal regions of Poland are known for exceptionally clean air. This is a result of lower population density and a limited number of pollution sources. Additionally, the natural geographical and meteorological conditions of these areas, including higher average wind speed and an abundance of green areas, promote better air quality. Being by the sea, we can actively rest in the fresh air and breathe in air rich in iodine and other microelements. Therefore, do not fear unfavorable weather, but instead breathe deeply after the winter, which unfortunately brought smog to most of Poland.

A trip abroad, where to spend Easter

Escaping the gray and dreary weather, many of us might think of a trip abroad. And rightly so, as many European countries can be reached relatively quickly using budget airlines. However, at this time of year, the weather in many European countries will be similar to ours. To experience true sunshine, one must fly a bit further: Oman, Zanzibar, Mexico. But here the matter becomes a bit more complicated. Such trips are much more expensive and moreover, an overseas trip should be planned for more than just a few days.

Where to Spend Easter – a hotel with meals by the sea

An alternative to foreign luxuries is an Easter package in a seaside hotel with full board. This option is definitely for those who like the hotel rhythm and don’t mind the hotel being fully booked during this period. The plus of such a trip is certainly the organized attractions such as decorating baskets and animations for children. However, families with children probably more often choose to spend Easter in a cottage.

Where to Spend Easter – seaside cottages with a spa

Cottages by the sea are definitely a solution for people and families who like more space and independence. Here, they set their own daily rhythm. You don’t have to wake up at dawn to go for breakfast. A fully equipped kitchen is available all the time. This is also an advantage for families with small children. Little ones cannot fit into the hotel schedule of serving meals and want to eat at the least obvious times. Each cottage’s living room is equipped with a corner sofa and a TV, and there is a grill on the terrace.

The Fantasy Dębki cottages, in addition to standard equipment, have another significant advantage, namely a cozy spa (jacuzzi and dry sauna). During the holiday season, there is also a covered and heated pool. Fantasy Dębki also has a large, modern playground for children on its premises.

Easter away from home in Dębki

It’s worth coming to Dębki for Easter mainly because of the beautiful sandy beach, one of the most picturesque on the Polish sea. Next to the beach, there are fragrant forests. Dębki is an ideal place for those seeking peace and contact with nature. So, if you want to lazily spend time reading books and walking on the

beach – this place is perfect for an Easter getaway. Dębki is also a suggestion for those who appreciate activity and entertainment. Bike paths, kayak trips, or a visit to the largest aquapark on the Polish coast in Reda, located 40 km away. Near Dębki, there are also towns like Jastrzębia Góra and Władysławowo, where you will find even more entertainment and restaurants where you can enjoy a tasty meal.


Where to spend Easter? There are many ideas for a holiday getaway. It is worth choosing a place that suits you and the way you like to relax. March and April are good months for a rest by the Polish sea due to the clean air. An alternative to local relaxation are more expensive trips to distant countries like Oman or Mexico, offering guaranteed sunny weather.
In Poland, popular stays include hotels by the sea with full board, offering organized activities, as well as seaside cottages, providing more space and independence, ideal for families with children.”

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