Hotel or Accommodations with a Pool by the Sea – What to Choose?

Are you planning a vacation by the Polish sea and wondering whether to choose a hotel or accommodations with a pool?

Organizing a vacation can be a headache for many. For some, it might even seem like a daunting challenge, leading them to turn to travel agencies. However, organizing a trip on your own can often be a much cheaper option. How should you approach planning a vacation by the sea? Which accommodation should you choose? A cottage or perhaps a hotel with a pool?

Planning a Vacation by the Sea

Preparing for a long-awaited vacation can be stressful in itself. First and foremost, we need to dedicate time to choose the location. Find the right town, see if there are attractions that would appeal to the whole travel group. Calculate the budget and consider whether accommodations close to the sea or a hotel with meal options and a pool would be a better choice. It’s also important to consider, especially when booking a hotel, whether to opt for a refundable or non-refundable offer. The former allows canceling the stay even a week before the designated date, although it’s usually the more expensive option. When choosing the destination, it’s also worth considering the travel aspect. Traveling to the sea from Warsaw and its surroundings, the Pomeranian voivodeship is a much quicker option than the West Pomeranian voivodeship. It takes over 4 hours to get to the Gdynia area from the capital, but getting to Kołobrzeg requires two more hours.

Hotel by the Sea with an Indoor Pool

A hotel by the sea with an indoor pool is a frequently searched option. The comfort of having prepared breakfasts and dinners will surely appeal to those who simply don’t want to cook or don’t enjoy it. In higher-end hotels, a wellness & spa zone is standard. A pool, saunas, massage, and beauty parlors will certainly make your stay by the sea more enjoyable. A significant facility for families with children are playrooms or jungle gyms. The distance to the beach is also of great importance. For couples who love the hotel rhythm, a hotel by the sea with an indoor pool might be a good option. For families with children, the problem might be the limited space and lack of a kitchen or, for example, a washing machine. The comfort of such a trip also comes with costs. For a family, staying in a five-star hotel at the peak of the holiday season with meals can cost even tens of thousands of zlotys.

Accommodations by the Sea with a Pool

Accommodations by the Polish sea have long moved beyond just renting a room in a large house with access to a shared bathroom and kitchen. Indeed, there are many such options, and they also enjoy great interest. However, with the development of tourism and an increase in foreign guests from Germany or the Czech Republic, more and more resorts with year-round cottages offering comfortable space are emerging. Usually, this includes a living room with a kitchen and bedrooms. Additionally, these facilities sometimes have a spa area and an indoor pool. For families, renting a cottage by the sea with an indoor pool is a good solution. Having a kitchen, meaning the ability to prepare a meal at any time, is a big plus. A week’s stay, even for a large family, will also be much more affordable. The advantage of renting a cottage also includes a patio or terrace. Upon waking up, you can immediately step out onto the green grass with a cup of coffee in hand. In some cottages, vacationers can also count on a covered terrace with a grill, as is the case with the Fantazja Dębki cottages. The facility also has an indoor pool, a dry sauna, and a jacuzzi. Children will surely be delighted with a high and colorful playground. Dębki, in turn, is famous for its beautiful sandy beach.

Travelist Dębki: Hotel, Accommodations, and Cottages by the Sea – Where to Look for Offers

Where to look for vacation offers? We are accustomed to searching them on accommodation booking platforms such as, Airbnb, or in travel clubs like Travelist, Trivago. However, is this always the most cost-effective option? Google has introduced a number of solutions that also facilitate searching for accommodations by the sea. It’s also worth comparing the offer on the booking platform with the offer on the property’s website. It may turn out to be more favorable!


The most important step is to make that first decision. Decide where you will spend this year’s vacation. Perhaps your household members can also help in making the choice. Social media is now full of offers for hotels and accommodations by the sea. The Polish accommodation base is one of the larger ones and can boast that it largely consists of new hotels or facilities after a general renovation. And this surely increases the comfort of the stay. It’s advisable to book holiday stays even six months in advance. This way, you can choose a convenient date and count on promotional offers. What to choose: a hotel or accommodations by the sea? Listing the pros and cons of each option will certainly make the decision easier.

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