Weekend Getaway to the Seaside

A weekend getaway to the seaside is a fantastic idea at any time of the year. Off-season, one can enjoy the peace and fresh air here, and in the summer, catch a beautiful tan.

Certainly, the luckiest are the residents of central Poland. They can practically reach the Polish mountains and the Baltic Sea in the same amount of time. So, is it worth staying at home over the weekend? Since in a few hours, you can be by the sea. We encourage you to take the opportunity and treat yourself to a short weekend getaway to the seaside.

Short Trip to the Sea – Why Is It Worth It?

Over the decades, the image of a Polish citizen has changed. And although our grandparents would probably envy the conditions in which we live, this state of affairs also comes with a high price, which we pay for comfortable apartments, new cars, and exotic holidays. Year by year, more and more people struggle with lifestyle diseases: diabetes, obesity, acquired cardiovascular diseases, cancers, mental disorders, or gastrointestinal diseases. Of course, there are various reasons for the emergence of these diseases. However, an improper diet rich in modified food, lack of movement, limited contact with nature, and daily stress contribute to their occurrence. It is not worth saving on health, and it is worth incorporating into the daily routine, for example, a walk in the forest or yoga. And if the opportunity arises, to treat oneself to at least a short trip to the sea.

Weekend Getaway to the Seaside – Health Benefits

Why it is the Polish sea that is worth choosing for a weekend getaway. Staying by the Polish sea offers many health and relaxation benefits. Sea air, rich in iodine and magnesium, supports thyroid function, improves immunity, and has a positive effect on the respiratory system. Long walks on the beach or swims in the sea not only relax but also stimulate circulation and accelerate metabolism. Listening to the sound of the waves and being in nature helps reduce stress levels, improving overall mental well-being. Moreover, sunny days by the sea are an excellent source of natural vitamin D, essential for healthy bones and teeth.

Where to Go to the Seaside?

Probably no longer need to convince anyone that a trip to the Baltic Sea simply pays off. Even a short, weekend getaway will allow for a moment of relaxation. And if you add attractions such as a swimming pool, sauna, and jacuzzi, you can be almost sure that relaxation is guaranteed.
Where to go to the sea, then? The answer to this question is not easy at all. It all depends on what you really like and what your preferences are. If you want to visit a museum, art gallery, go to a trendy vege restaurant at the same time – then the Tri-City is certainly indicated in this case!

However, if you are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city and want to get away from the world, then choose a small town, e.g., Dębki – a small former fishing settlement located between Karwia and Białogóra. If you have already heard this name, then you probably either know the merits of this place or had the opportunity to hear about it on the occasion of a music video or movie that was shot here.
Dębki is primarily known for its beautiful, wide, sandy beach. If you set your bare foot on it once and hear how the sand plays under it, you will really want to return here at every opportunity.

Dębki thrive most intensely in the summer when seasonal restaurants with delicious food open. In the architectural landscape of Dębki, mainly year-round cottages function. Fantazja Dębki – an object located about 800 m from the beach, with fantastic greenery and a large playground and a swimming pool with a sauna and jacuzzi, is a place worth paying attention to when preparing for a weekend getaway to the seaside.
Fantazja Dębki has 20 cozy cottages: on the ground floor – a living room and a kitchenette, and on the first floor – two bedrooms. On the terrace, of course, there is a set of lounge furniture and a grill! It’s the perfect place to practice stretching on the green grass or splash around under the covered pool. Besides, in the vicinity of Dębki, you will also find plenty of attractions. One of them is the largest aquapark on the Polish sea, Aquapark Reda.

Weekend Getaway to the Seaside – How Not to Waste a Day?

Wondering what to do to make the most of a weekend trip? It is certainly worth calculating the route well and choosing a place that is relatively close. Is it worth going for a weekend from Warsaw to Świnoujście? Well, the journey can be tiring. But the journey from Warsaw to Dębki will be much less demanding. And if we think well about the departure time and get up at dawn, and actually take the wheel as soon as dawn – there is a chance that even a short weekend getaway to the seaside can be squeezed like a lemon! Which we heartily wish you!


A weekend getaway to the seaside is an excellent opportunity for rest and detachment from daily duties, regardless of the season. Places like Dębki offer not only beautiful beaches and the possibility of contact with nature but also comfortable accommodation and attractions that can enrich every trip. When heading to the Polish sea, it’s important to remember proper travel planning to make the most of the time spent away from home. The health benefits of such rest are invaluable, and the memories of such trips can turn out to be a priceless treasure.

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