How to get to the Polish seaside – by car, train, or maybe by bus?

Are you planning a trip to the Polish seaside and wondering how to get there? Of course, there are many options, one of which is a comfortable and quick journey by Intercity train.

As vacation time approaches, we must first get to our destination before we can indulge in blissful laziness. So, if heading to the Polish seaside, should we choose a car, train, or maybe a bus? A lot depends on the comfort level we expect, whether we are traveling alone or with children, where we are traveling from, and which seaside town we choose. Let’s then review the possible modes of transportation.

How to get to the seaside the fastest and cheapest way?

One of the cheaper options to get to the Baltic Sea is by train, especially if you take advantage of discounts, such as the Large Family or Cheaper with Loved Ones. And you don’t mind traveling in second class, as discounts do not apply to first class. Also, tickets should be bought well in advance, sometimes even a month before departure. PKP often starts selling tickets at 00:30, and then you can often expect promotional prices.

The journey from Warsaw Gdańska to Gdynia Główna will take us about 4 hours if we go by TLK, 3 hours if we choose the more expensive Express Intercity Premium. However, the cheapest option will definitely be the Sunny Train, which takes Warsaw residents longing for the sea to seaside towns. The journey on this route will also take about 4 hours.

The journey from Warsaw to Gdynia is usually quite fast and cheap. However, the situation looks worse when a resident of southern Poland thinks of the sandy beach. The journey from Zakopane to Gdynia can take him more than 10 hours. Therefore, it is definitely worth choosing a night train and purchasing an option with a possibility to sleep. Interestingly, although the time drags, the prices will not be much higher than if we were to travel from the center of the country.

Where to go to the Polish seaside by train?

If we are still on the topic of trains, which really – unless they are delayed – are a much more comfortable form of travel, let’s consider where one can go to the Polish seaside by train? Here, however, we have some limitations, and by train, we can reach mainly large tourist towns, such as: Gdynia, Gdańsk, Sopot, Władysławowo, Łeba, Słupsk, Ustka, Sławno, Darłowo, Koszalin, Szczecin, Międzyzdroje, Świnoujście. So, if you want to choose a smaller town, you are doomed to transfers, e.g., train + bus or taxi. However, do not be discouraged, sometimes searching the internet, you can find really good deals.

What is the best time to leave for the sea to avoid traffic jams?

However, it cannot be hidden that the most common mode of transportation is by car. It gives us a lot of independence and guarantees the ability to reach every town, without relying on public transport. Often, however, when planning a trip to the Baltic, we ask ourselves the key question: What is the best time to leave for the sea to avoid traffic jams? Not everyone will like this information, but well, traveling at night guarantees probably the fastest arrival at the destination. It’s worth planning the trip to pass the biggest urban loops outside of peak hours. When going to the Tri-City and wanting to avoid traffic jams, especially on the section Gdańsk South-Gdańsk Karczemki, we can also use the help of Google Maps, which will suggest the estimated travel time.

Where to go to the Baltic by bus?

To the Polish sea, in quite comfortable conditions, we can also be taken by bus, e.g., FlixBus. The journey from Warsaw to Gdynia will take us over 6 hours. FlixBus also goes to Mielno and Kołobrzeg. Besides, there are also local carriers who provide such services. If long sitting does not scare you, this option is also worth considering.

Surely, it is necessary to think well about the mode of transportation. If you don’t mind people sitting next to you, choose a train. If you value independence, choose your own transport. And what if you are a parent and looking for the best way to get to the sea?

How to get to the Polish sea – tips for parents

Often, the very thought of a long trip with a child terrifies more than one parent. The repeatedly asked question “are we there yet?”, like the donkey from Shrek, can cause a headache. Therefore, it is worth considering a night journey to the sea, during hours when the child will be sleeping. Prepare a comfortable pillow or

headrest for them. If you want to travel during the day, opt for a cheerful car. You can play their favorite songs, sing together, play guessing games. Also, familiarize yourself with the rules of safe travel. Do not forget about choosing toys that are soft and light, without sharp or hard parts. Also, be careful with small, hard objects that could hit the child in a sudden stop. A phone held in hand during a collision can become as dangerous as a brick moving at high speed.


In summary, there are many options for getting to the Polish sea, and the choice of the best mode of transport depends on the individual needs and preferences of travelers. Trains offer comfort and potential savings for large groups and families, cars provide independence and flexibility, while buses can be a good alternative for those looking for a compromise between price and comfort. Regardless of the chosen option, it is worth planning the trip in advance to avoid potential difficulties and take advantage of available promotions and discounts. Keeping these tips in mind, the journey to the Polish sea can become not only easier but also part of the adventure and an introduction to a successful rest.

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