Vacation by the Polish Sea in September

What if you could extend your vacation into September and head to the Baltic Sea? Why and where is it worth spending a vacation by the Polish sea in September? We have some suggestions!

For several years, we have observed climate change in Poland linked to global warming. According to many forecasts, our climate will become more like a subtropical climate, with two seasons: a warm, dry season and a cool, moist season. This leads to often very warm autumns, and many days in September have truly vacation-like weather.
Naturally, many people take their holidays in September, especially if their family situation allows and they don’t have school-age children.

Is it cheaper by the sea in September?

Yes, generally, it is cheaper by the sea in September. Furthermore, lower prices may start to apply from the last week of August. This last week of August is considered a less busy time for tourists. Hence, if you manage to book seaside cottages at a reasonable price, the whole week’s trip can turn out to be cheaper than, for example, a week-long trip in July.
If you’re also looking for more economical options, consider well-equipped cottages. Instead of daily lunches and dinners at restaurants, you can prepare meals on your own. You can also bring out the grill and enjoy some delicious barbecue on the terrace.

Is it warm by the sea in September?

The September temperature can pleasantly surprise many tourists. Usually, the conditions are very pleasant. There are no heatwaves, but during the day, the temperature often stays between 20-25 degrees Celsius. It is therefore the perfect time not only to sunbathe on the beach but also to go cycling, kayaking, or to work out on a rope park.

Where to go to the sea in September?

A common question is where to go to the sea in September? For us, the answer is one. Dębki, a beautiful seaside town located between Jastrzębia Góra and Łeba, with a picturesque long and wide beach and sand as fine as flour, is the perfect spot for September beach vacations and biking. September in Dębki is also an ideal time for kayaking on the beautiful and wild Piaśnica river, mushroom picking in the forest, and fishing! If someone likes horses, they can also visit nearby Białogóra and a horse stud. You can also plan short trips combined with sightseeing: Kaszubskie Oko, the Museum Castle in Krokowa, Dinosaur Park in Łeba. While in Dębki, it is also worth visiting Aquapark Reda, the largest water park by the Polish sea.

Vacation by the Polish sea in September, so where to stay?

If you care about great comfort and independence, it is worth looking for year-round cottages by the sea. This is an almost ideal option, especially for families who do not want to deal with the small size of hotel rooms. Fantazja Dębki has 20 new cottages with cozy and practical interiors. Each cottage has a terrace. On the ground floor, there is a living room with a kitchenette and a bathroom (washer included!), and upstairs – two bedrooms. Fantazja Dębki is not only about cottages but also includes a large, modern playground and a covered pool with a dry sauna and jacuzzi. Even if the temperature does not favor swimming in the sea, this heated pool will save your vacation!


A vacation by the Polish sea in September is an excellent proposition for those who want to enjoy the beauty of the Baltic without the crowds. An average temperature of about 20-25 degrees Celsius provides ideal conditions for a variety of outdoor activities. Favorable prices compared to the peak summer season make a September seaside getaway more economical. Towns like Dębki offer not only beautiful beaches but also numerous additional attractions such as rope parks and kayak trips. For families and those who value independence and comfort, year-round cottages with full equipment are an excellent solution. September by the Polish sea is a perfect alternative to traditional summer, combining relaxation with activity and cultural exploration of the region.

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