Ideas for a Long May Weekend – Where to Go for the May Weekend

Don’t want to spend the long May weekend at home? Looking for ideas for a May getaway? We have several inspirations for you that will make this year’s long weekend colorful!

Ideas for the May weekend can be generated endlessly, and the spring atmosphere only encourages new adventures. Let’s think about how to best use these few days off to both relax and spend time interestingly. In 2024, May 1st falls on a Wednesday, May 3rd on a Friday – this means that by taking just one day off, the May weekend can last as long as 5 days! If you want to go all out, consider taking a vacation from April 28th to 30th. Then you have 7 days off!

Ideas for a May Weekend at Home

However, if you are not given an additional day off, it is possible that you will abandon the idea of a May getaway and stay at home. Spending the May weekend at home does not have to mean a boring weekend. You can organize family cooking workshops, a movie session with your favorite films, or even a home picnic in the garden or on the balcony.

The May weekend also offers many attractions organized by cities and cultural institutions. Therefore, it is worth going to events organized on the occasion of May 3rd. Visit museums, try specialties in different restaurants, or go to a concert.

Idea for a May Weekend Trip Close to Home

For those who do not want to spend too much time traveling, a short trip close to home can be an ideal solution. You can go on a trip to a nearby city, visit local tourist attractions, or discover previously unknown corners of nature. So-called micro-trips became a very prominent trend during the Covid-19 pandemic. It was then that we started to discover our local attractions: landscape parks, open-air museums, and outdoor amusement parks.

If you live near large cities, the May weekend is also a great opportunity to get acquainted with their attractions without long queues. On long weekends, cities like Warsaw or Wrocław usually empty out, and then you can explore city attractions at your leisure and often at lower prices.

Ideas for a May Weekend by the Sea

Looking for a May weekend idea by the sea? Why not! The Pomeranian Voivodeship is an extremely attractive tourist destination all year round. On this occasion, it is worth discovering Dębki, located near Karwia and Jastrzębia Góra. A wide, sandy beach, clean air, and numerous attractions such as kayaking on the Piaśnica, rope parks, or the “Kaszubskie Oko” tourist and recreational complex, will provide unforgettable experiences for the whole family.

When looking for accommodation, be sure to check out the year-round houses of Fantazja Dębki. Here you will find as many as 20 holiday homes, located just 800 meters from the beach. Each house, with an area of about 40 m², offers a living room with a corner sofa, a kitchenette, and a bathroom on the ground floor, and 2 bedrooms on the first floor (1 double bed, 3 single beds). The equipment includes air conditioning, a 40” smart LED TV with a Netflix app and a playground view, a well-equipped kitchen with a dishwasher, electric kettle, and coffee maker, as well as a bathroom with a shower, hairdryer, and washing machine. The amenities on the premises mean that you can stay here for much longer than a weekend.

In addition, Fantazja Dębki is not only accommodation but also a range of attractions on the premises. Guests can use a large modern playground with a sandbox, a green area for playing and football, a covered swimming pool with toys for children, a dry sauna, and a jacuzzi.

The idea of a May weekend by the sea in Fantazja Dębki could be a bullseye.

May Weekend Grilling

Grilling is a classic activity for the May weekend. One could even say that there is no May weekend without a grill. Each house in Fantazja Dębki is equipped with a grill. So, nothing stands in the way of marinating your favorite meat and vegetables, buying kindling, and sitting for a few hours on the terrace in front of the house, watching the meat sizzle on the grill, while the children play independently on the playground. Isn’t this an ideal idea for a May weekend rest?

May Weekend Challenge – Cycling or Kayaking

The May weekend can also be actively spent! And such an opportunity is provided by the perfectly located Dębki.

One of the attractions you can discover here is kayaking down the picturesque Piaśnica river. It is an ideal proposition for nature lovers and active recreation enthusiasts. The kayaking trip goes through the Coastal Landscape Park, guaranteeing unforgettable views and closeness to nature.

Dębki is also ideal for cycling enthusiasts. You can rent a bike, even an electric one, and go on a trip to Białogóra, Karwia, or even the Hel Peninsula. The R10 bike route, part of the international EuroVelo trail, runs through Dębki, offering extraordinary landscapes and attractions along the way.


We hope you will like our ideas for the May weekend!
The May weekend is a great opportunity to take a break from everyday life and spend time with family or friends. Whether you choose a quiet rest at home, a short trip nearby, or active recreation by the sea, the most important thing is to enjoy every moment. Fantazja Dębki invites you for an unforgettable stay by the sea, offering comfortable conditions and a wide range of attractions for the whole family.”

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