Winter Holidays by the Sea. Where to Go with Children?

Winter holidays by the sea – it’s a long-awaited vacation not only for children but also for adults!

Surrounded by the waves of the Baltic Sea, the Polish coast offers not only breathtaking views, beautiful beaches, inspiring nature, but also a range of attractions for everyone. During winter holidays with children by the sea, you can have fun and at the same time relax, recharge batteries, which are so needed in the following months of learning and work. A trip to the sea allows you to break away from routine, experience unforgettable adventures that will stay in the memory of the whole family for a long time

Holidays by the sea with children are a special time, filled with outdoor activities, surrounded by nature, with the calming sound of foaming waves. It’s an ideal opportunity for spontaneous fun on wide beaches, walks along the sea, and if the weather allows, building sand castles, collecting shells and amber. The sea breeze is also significant, not only relaxing and refreshing but also providing the body with valuable minerals, such as iodine. It creates a unique atmosphere, imbued with the energy of the Baltic Sea itself. But winter holidays with a child by the sea are also attractions that should not be forgotten.

Tricity – Attractions for Children by the Sea in Winter

During winter holidays by the sea, everyone just wants to relax, laze around a bit. But remember that these two weeks of the year are a perfect opportunity to spend time creatively, which can be incredibly inspiring for both children and parents.
The Experyment Science Center in Gdynia and the Hevelianum Center in Gdańsk help children and teenagers develop interests in a friendly and interesting way. Packed with interactive exhibits, they enable experiments. Practical scientific experiences bring closer the world of nature, physics, chemistry, and technology.
What other attractions are there for children by the sea in winter? Gdańsk Zoological Garden, located in the picturesque district of Oliwa, extends over nearly 125 hectares, making it one of the largest and most beautiful of its kind in the country. It houses really unusual animals, including those no longer living in the wild.
One fascinating destination and an unusual zoo is the Gdynia Aquarium located at the end of the Southern Pier, which is an extension of Kościuszko Square. Large, glass tanks hide colorful species of fish, amphibians, and reptiles from various regions of the world. On the top floor, there is, among others, the Baltic Room with a huge model of the Baltic Sea.
The Aquapark in Sopot is a unique facility in the Tricity, perfect for a family outing during winter holidays by the sea. For adults and teenagers, there are recreational pools, whirlpools, hydromassages, a wild river, and for the youngest: a pool with a slide and water toys.

Along the Coast

Winter holidays by the sea with children — specifically in the Tricity — are a good opportunity to go on a day trip to the Hel Peninsula. In the winter months, there is much less traffic, making the journey comfortable, and the peninsula offers not only unique views of the “double sea” but also colorful fishing boats. You can admire them in Kuźnica, but also in the courtyard and… inside the Fishing Museum in Hel. The museum is housed in a former church building. The permanent exhibition “History of Fishing in the Waters of the Gdańsk Bay” presents archival maps and photos, historic boats, marine paintings, and even a reconstructed boatbuilder’s workshop.

Winter holidays with children by the sea also include Dębki, known among other things for one of the widest beaches in Poland, only wider in Świnoujście. Delicate, fine sand captivates from the first glance. Pleasant to walk on, it encourages long walks. The beaches in Dębki and the surrounding area can be viewed from a wider perspective, by climbing an observation tower, not too high, so even little ones can manage.
For those who are not entirely fond of long, winter walks, but value warmth and moments spent in the water, Aquapark Reda will be a dream space for relaxation and fun. It was created, among other things, for those who want to warm up their bodies when there is a snowy aura outside. From the outside, the facility resembles a shopping center, but inside, it’s a real exotic island with palm trees, a beach, a water geyser, a 315-meter-long river, and a waterfall. Aquapark offers slides for children, but also more challenging ones for adults, a spacious pool with a sea monster pedestal and a gigantic bucket pouring out 400 liters of water. Thanks to the wave ball, a special ball for generating waves, you can battle the restless water. Relaxation in a traditional pool quickly turns into a truly sea-like fun. Little adventurers have not been forgotten either. “Pirate’s Bay” is a large ship with slides and water cannons. Submerged in a shallow pool, it allows for safe play for really small children.

Attractions for Children by the Sea in Winter

Ustka, picturesquely located on the Baltic Sea, is one of the most charming places in Poland. In addition to beautiful beaches, blue sea, it offers something special, like a magnet attracting amber hunters. From December to April, dressed in specialized outfits, they search the turbulent waters of the Baltic Sea. But you don’t have to go between the cold waves to find beautiful, honey-colored amber. During a storm, the sea throws it onto the beach. Just a bit of luck and attention is enough to find a really beautiful specimen.

What to do in Ustka during the holidays when it’s snowing or raining, and the temperature is around zero? It’s best to go to the Bread Museum to learn about the history of baking and traditional methods of making bread and pastries. Additionally, you can see a unique 19th-century refrigerator and a candy vending machine. An interesting offer is also provided by the Ustka Land Museum, the “Dolphin” cinema.

Winter Holidays with Children by the Sea

Kołobrzeg, a popular summer resort, has a lot to offer even during winter holidays with children by the sea. After a leisurely walk through the cozy streets, a delicious breakfast at the hotel or a nearby restaurant, be sure to enter the historic lighthouse, the symbol of Kołobrzeg. The building measures 26 meters in height, its light reaches almost 30 km into the sea, and its basement houses the Mineral Museum. The prepared exhibition includes several hundred specimens from various parts of the world, including Madagascar, Brazil, and Russia. Families who like walks should definitely visit the Kołobrzeg Maritime Museum and the pier.

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