The Most Beautiful Coastal Towns by the Polish Sea

Do you dream of a moment of relaxation on a golden beach, the sound of waves, and droplets of sea breeze caressing your face? Lean in closer to the screen, because we are embarking on a virtual journey through the prettiest towns along the Baltic Sea.

All you need is a laptop, some free time, and a bit of good humor, because we are setting off on a journey without a fixed plan, letting the wind carry us wherever it may. Let’s raise the anchor and set sail

Ahead of us is 510 km of the Polish coastline. From east to west, we will encounter dozens of picturesque seaside towns. It’s impossible to visit all, let alone list them, even the internet would struggle to bear the load. We will step into those Baltic gems that are worth remembering and visiting in the real world. Of course, it would be great to see them all in person, but that’s not possible, even if holidays lasted all year.

The Prettiest Towns by the Baltic Sea – Jastarnia

First on our map is Jastarnia, a tiny settlement on the Hel Peninsula, where life flows to the rhythm of waves crashing against the shore. For vacationers from the inland, there are pristine beaches with soft sand and safe swimming spots. Remember, everyone is welcome here unless you’re a growling car that has entered a zone free from motorization and noise; then you must retreat. Here, only steps toward peace and harmony with the environment count.

Early birds can watch real fishermen preparing for their catches, then take a water tram directly to Gdynia to experience a bit of city life. To the west of the port is the favorite direction for walkers – a 120-meter pier. Jastarnia, one of the most beautiful towns by the sea, is perfect for families with children. But don’t let this idyllic atmosphere fool you. It is also loved by kitesurfers, kings and queens of the sea waves, superheroes in neoprene suits who rule the waves and the wind. Ready for any challenge, even if it means bathing in icy water.

Dębki – The Most Beautiful Beach on the Baltic Sea

Welcome to Dębki, where beach life and the sea constitute a philosophy of life, and the sun distributes autographs in the form of the most beautiful tan. Open spaces, some of the widest beaches in Poland provide enough sand for everyone: fans of lying on a towel (with or without a windbreak), walkers, runners, Nordic walking enthusiasts, and even skiers. Yes, in the winter in Dębki, just like in Wisła and Zakopane, you can encounter cross-country skiers.

For those seeking new experiences or those who simply want to take a beautiful photo for Instagram, in the Rybaczówka complex serving the fishing marina, a 20-meter viewing tower has been built. After climbing to the top, a reward awaits in the form of a spectacular view of Dębki and the Baltic Sea. And after such an expedition, Rybaczówka offers something special: fresh fish straight from the sea.

The Prettiest Towns by the Baltic Sea – Łeba

We have reached Łeba, where the moving dunes in the Słowiński National Park have made the town famous throughout the country. Between Łebsko Lake and the Baltic Sea coast, the wind continuously sifts tons of sand. The dunes change their position by up to several meters annually; the landscape here is never the same. Taking a good photo in Łeba does not require extraordinary skills. Whether you capture a seagull in the frame or pose next to a colorful lighthouse, every photo will be imbued with the positive energy of this place. And speaking of the lighthouse, one must not forget about Stilo, a three-colored tower made entirely of metal. It is a must-see because there are only two such structures in Poland.

In Łeba, no one will be bored even if they really wanted to! Every day brings a new batch of adventures. What else can you visit in one of the prettiest towns by the Baltic Sea? The Labyrinth Park stretching over an area of 5,000 sqm, the Amber Museum, the Wax Figures Museum, the Butterfly Museum, the Dinosaur Park, and much, much more, to see all of this you need to reserve at least a few free days.

The Most Beautiful Coastal Towns by the Polish Sea – Ustka

Cozily located by the Baltic Sea, Ustka is famous for its attractive views, but also for its unique attractions ensuring an unforgettable stay! The city is full of life and energy. Walking along the promenade, one can feel the spirit of bygone times. Historic buildings, monuments, and commemorative plaques tell stories of olden days when Ustka was still a small fishing settlement.

What should you see in Ustka? Certainly, the historic lighthouse from 1982, designed with great architectural sensitivity. Its class is added by numerous decorations: canopies, cornices, windows of various sizes. The Ustka Baths are equally interesting. Before World War I, they were used to treat respiratory diseases. It’s impossible to overlook such intriguing places in Ustka as the ammunition depots, bunkers, and shelters, which add a historical character to the town. It is also worth visiting the two-hundred-meter pier on the western beach, which is a remnant of unfinished plans to build a base for cruisers.


And so we have reached the end of our journey through the most beautiful coastal towns by the sea. Darłowo is a town with two faces, about which not everyone may know. As if it wears two costumes: one beachy, perfect for summer days spent by the water, and another historic one, which unveils the rich history and culture of this place. Modern Darłowo attracts tourists longing for the sun, but do not be deceived by just the charm of the golden sand. Just set aside your suntan lotion for a moment and walk behind the curtain of sea breeze to discover more. Darłowo has preserved its medieval urban layout with a central market, surrounded by city walls and the so-called High Gate.

But that’s not all. The city also houses the Gothic Castle of the Pomeranian Dukes, which looks as if it has been transported straight from legends about dragons, knights, and beautiful princesses. This picturesque place, where history intertwines with a fairy-tale atmosphere, deserves special attention, particularly the twenty-four-meter-high tower that dominates it. Do not miss the opportunity not only to take a photo with it but also to climb to the very top.

Summary – The Most Beautiful Coastal Towns by the Sea

In summary of our journey through the prettiest towns by the Baltic Sea, we had the opportunity to experience a true mosaic of diversity, possibilities, and… the Polish coast. On our way from one magical town to another, we discovered that by the sea, everyone will find something for themselves. Whether seeking relaxation on the beach, desiring to tame the foamy waves, or exploring the secrets of historical buildings, there will be no shortage of opportunities for rest and fun.

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