Amusement Parks for Children by the Sea

Are you planning a vacation by the sea and looking for additional attractions? Check out family amusement parks for children by the sea, such as Dinosaur Park in Łeba and Lunapark Sowiński.

What can you do by the Polish sea? This is a question we often ask ourselves when looking for vacation ideas. However, it turns out that if we plan our stay by the Polish sea well, we won’t be scared of any weather adversities and horror receipts!

Dinosaur Park Łeba – A Family Amusement Park by the Sea

Let’s start our adventure with family amusement parks at the Dinosaur Park in Łeba.

The park in Łeba is a unique place that takes visitors on a journey back in time to the Cretaceous period, thanks to three-dimensional replicas of dinosaurs. But that’s just the beginning of the attractions. The park also offers a huge space in the form of a trampoline park. For children and adults, there’s also a large, covered playground, ensuring excellent fun regardless of the weather.

The thrill is also provided by the autodrome, which is car madness for motorization fans of all ages, and for those looking for fear – the Castle of Fear. There is also a mini-golf course and a gold mine. Plenty of emotions are provided by water slides. In Łeba Park, not only children but also adults will have a great time.

Main attractions covered? Partially.
Distance from Fantazja Dębki → approx. 50 km

Kaszubskie Oko in Gniewino

Kaszubskie Oko in Gniewino is a complex designed in the shape of an eye, whose main attraction is an observation tower offering a view from 44 meters of Żarnowieckie Lake, a wind farm, and on good days even the sea. The complex also includes mini-golf, earth chess, a playground, a mini rope park, as well as models of dinosaurs and Stolems. There is a bar and a souvenir shop on site.

Main attractions covered? No
Distance from Fantazja Dębki → approx. 25 km

Lunapark Sowiński by the Sea

Lunapark Sowiński in Władysławowo is a very interesting place. It is one of the six stationary amusement parks in Poland. Out-of-this-world emotions are provided by attractions such as: the “Typhoon” roller coaster, Condor, and Booster, the Cabinet of Curved Mirrors, the castle of fear, go-karting, as well as various playgrounds and water attractions. This place provides entertainment for the whole family, combining adrenaline with fun.

Main attractions covered? No
Distance from Fantazja Dębki → approx. 30 km

Adventure Park Gdynia Kolibki

Adventure Park Gdynia Kolibki is supposedly the largest adventure park in Poland, offering a wide range of outdoor attractions. Located on a former motocross track, among forests with a view of the Bay of Gdańsk, the park is situated on 13 hectares, providing attractions for everyone, regardless of age and interests.
You can play paintball on a large battlefield. The samurai rope park is popular. On-site, you will also find a shooting range, off-road, climbing wall, Indian tents, a volleyball court, a zip line. There are also dining options.

Main attractions covered? No
Distance from Fantazja Dębki → approx. 60 km

Kaszubski Park Miniatur

Kaszubski Park Miniatur is a fascinating place, where over 70 models at a 1:25 scale, representing characteristic objects from Kashubia, Poland, and the world, are gathered. Among the exhibits are replicas of such famous buildings as the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre, the Statue of Liberty, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The park aims not only to provide aesthetic experiences but also serves an educational function, allowing visitors to better understand both the world’s heritage and regional Kashubian monuments. In Kaszubski Park Miniatur, in addition to an impressive collection of models, there is a Cabinet of Laughter and the Castle of Fear offering blood-chilling experiences. There is also a mini zoo.

Main attractions covered? No
Distance from Fantazja Dębki → approx. 70 km

Loopy’s World – A Family Entertainment Center in Gdańsk

The Family Entertainment Center Loopy’s World in Gdańsk offers plenty of attractions on 3,000 sqm, including a multi-level structure with 7 slides, 5 trampolines, courts, a sled track, tunnels, a construction zone, obstacle courses, a mini climbing wall, and a zone for toddlers. Additionally, there is a restaurant on the premises.

Main attractions covered? Yes
Distance from Fantazja Dębki → ok. 80 km

The Biggest Amusement Park by the Sea in Pomerania

If a long journey doesn’t scare you, visit Western Pomerania and the biggest family amusement park by the sea, Pomerania.

Pomerania Fun Park operates all year round, though some attractions are only available during the summer. Among these seasonal entertainments are a water attraction area (pool, slide, pedal boats). Carousels, bouncy castles, and playgrounds also attract a lot of interest. Animal lovers will find something for themselves in the mini zoo.

In this amusement park for children by the sea, there is an indoor play area operating all year round. Slides, a huge ship, monkey grove, climbing volcano, trampolines – provide great fun for the youngest. The facility also includes a Viking village.

Main attractions covered? Partially.
Distance from Fantazja Dębki → approx. 210 km

Summary: What Can You Do by the Polish Sea?

By the Polish sea, you can really have a great time. Aquapark Reda, amusement parks for children, museums, cinemas, and modern educational centers for children – will provide great entertainment and education. So, do you really need to worry about the weather when going to the sea? Not necessarily. The key is to find a nice accommodation, for example, seaside cottages with a pool, and a list of attractions you want to visit.

Of course, we invite you to Dębki and our facility. Here, you’ll find 20 new cottages with full equipment, 800 meters from the beach. At night, when you’re sitting on the terrace, you can relax to the sound of the waves. Fantazja Dębki also offers a covered pool, sauna, jacuzzi, and a large playground with a sandbox for children. Dębki is known for its beautiful beach, but of course, nothing stops you from going on trips to the largest seaside Aquapark Reda or the amusement park Łeba Park. In Dębki, you can also go on a beautiful river trip on the Piaśnica!

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