The Largest Water Parks and Aquaparks by the Sea

Suntago is undoubtedly the largest water park in Poland and Europe. However, it’s not the only one that can boast modern infrastructure. Fortunately, along the Polish sea, we also have equally great water complexes, for example, Aquapark Reda.

Water parks are a fantastic form of entertainment available all year round. In the summer, they are a perfect way to cool down, and in the winter, they provide a great refuge from the cold and gloomy weather. It’s worth considering a trip to an aquapark by the Polish sea. This way, you can combine leisurely beach walks with fantastic fun and relaxation in the sauna zone. It’s also important to find suitable accommodation, a hotel, or a cottage close to the water park.

Aquapark Reda – The Largest Water Park by the Polish Sea

The largest aquapark by the Polish sea is the water park in Reda. It’s a modern facility, available since August 2016. For us, it’s our favorite aquapark, which we can reach from Dębki in less than an hour.

The complex includes: recreational pools, a sports pool, a fitness club, a sauna zone, and even a parrot house and reptile house. There are also restaurants and shops. What makes this place unique is that it also has an aquarium. While swimming in the pools and sliding down the slides, you have the opportunity to observe marine life, even sharks! It’s also interesting that it was the first aquapark in Poland to offer the possibility of staying overnight in tents located in the pool hall!

Aquapark Reda – Attractions: Pools, Slides, and Saunarium

Aquapark Reda has several pools: a shallow one for the youngest at 30 cm deep, a pool with a wave-making ball, a diving pool, a sports pool, a swimming learning pool, and one with a wave simulator.

There are also slides that provide plenty of excitement. In January 2020, Aquapark Reda, as the first in Europe, opened the rotating AquaSpinner slide, 30 meters high and 160 m long, allowing for a descent on a pontoon at a speed of 40 km/h. There are also less extreme slides. Shark Slide ends with a glass tunnel running through a shark aquarium. And another one, without a big adrenaline rush: Family Slide. The aquapark also features a lazy river on pontoons, 315 m long.

In the water park in Reda, sauna enthusiasts will also find relaxation. There are 5 Finnish saunas in different climates, steam baths, a salt grotto, a cooling barrel, and a relaxation area. You can also book massages or care treatments there.

On-site, you’ll also find, among others, a Drifting Academy, a playroom, and a 7D cinema.

Aquapark Reda – Accommodation and Cottages

There are countless attractions in the water park in Reda, so you definitely need to book accommodation in advance. An interesting attraction is the possibility of sleeping in tents on the pool area! However, if you are going to the sea with the whole family, you will have a more comfortable stay booking an apartment or cottage.

Fantazja Dębki is a complex of cottages by the sea, about 40 km away from Reda. So, a trip to the sea can be combined with a great attraction! The cottages in Dębki comfortably accommodate a 4-5 person family. It’s worth emphasizing that the facility has a large modern playground, a swimming pool, a Finnish sauna, and a jacuzzi.

Dębki is known primarily for its beautiful wide beach. The town also has restaurants and bars where you can eat seafood and Italian dishes. For the active, kayaking down the Piaśnica River is an attraction.

Water Park by the Sea: Aquapark Sopot

Another interesting water park is located in Sopot. The Aquapark has several pools, including for children, and even a year-round outdoor pool. There are also slides, water playgrounds, and lazy rivers. The sauna zone is also interestingly developed. In addition to typical types of saunas, you will find, among others, a biosauna, caldarium, and a saline inhalation tower. Massages are also available on site, and those who like to be active can participate in aqua spinning classes! Aquapark Sopot is about 60 km from Dębki.

Pool in Władysławowo

Closer to our accommodation complex is Władysławowo, about 30 km from Dębki. However, it must be honestly admitted that this is not an aquapark, but a pool that also serves as an Olympic training center. However, people who like to swim actively, and not necessarily relax in a jacuzzi, will surely be satisfied with a visit here.

Water Park by the Sea: Baltic Park Molo Aquapark

If you are heading to the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, the Baltic Park Molo Aquapark is a recreational complex worth recommending, with indoor pools, steam baths, and water slides. In the aquapark, you will find swimming pools: a swimming pool, a recreational pool, a paddling pool for the youngest with mini slides, a jacuzzi, slides for adults, and even an artificial wave for surfing, as well as climbing walls for children. There is also a sauna zone with a saline inhalation tower and a sun meadow.

Summary: Aquapark for Children by the Sea

Water parks and pools are primarily a lot of fun for children. Fortunately, each such place is equipped with a zone that can be used by the youngest and teenagers. An aquapark for children by the sea is an additional attraction during the holidays, but also a certain safety cushion in case of bad weather. Then, spending the whole day in such a place will be an opportunity for good fun for children and a moment of relaxation for parents! And that’s what we wish for all families going on vacation with children!

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