Winter by the Sea – Why is it Worth Going to the Sea in Winter?

Winter by the sea – is it a good idea? Where to go for a winter vacation? What activities to undertake and interesting places to see?

Is a winter vacation by the sea a good idea? Yes! Although some argue that beaches and the charms of the maritime climate lose their magic during this period, it’s also a time when you can discover the unique advantages of the Polish coast. While summer attracts tourists with sunshine, winter opens the door to a completely different world. When snow and frost are outside, the sea presents its magical side – soothing, full of a mysterious mood, conducive to mental and physical health.

Peace and Quiet

In winter, seaside towns are not as lively as in summer, but they still retain their unique magnetism. Local cafes and restaurants serve dishes based on fresh fish, and museums, entertainment and science centers, theaters are open for those craving experiences. During a winter stay on the coast, you can explore local cuisine, learn about culture, and it’s a great idea, but it’s also worth spending as much time as possible on the beach, taking care of mental and physical health, leaving everyday problems behind. Focusing on oneself and the proximity of nature are pillars of a good life, helping in regeneration after intense times at work and in private life.

Winter by the Sea, Meaning Lots of Iodine and Nordic Walking

The peace and quiet prevailing in winter on the beach are conducive to relaxation. The sound of waves, fairy-tale nature, sand covered with a snowy blanket, unlimited space favor inner calm. Breathing in the sea air improves mood, overall well-being, and realistically enhances our welfare. Iodine and other microelements contained in it have a positive effect on the health of children and those struggling with thyroid diseases. Valuable elements support the proper functioning of the body. The most iodine in the air is precisely in the autumn-winter period, when weather breaks, winds, and storms occur. It is best to stay about 100-300 meters from the shore, where the concentration of iodine is highest. Families with small children can also do this. The characteristic compacted, and sometimes even frozen sand at this time of year, allows for pushing a child’s stroller.
A walk on the beach relaxes, but if we try, it can help build fitness. Nordic walking, an intensive march with special poles, has been classified as an endurance sport. It engages the lower and upper parts of the body, additionally, performing this form of walking on sand introduces elements of resistance training, which strengthens deep muscles, stabilizes the figure. Nordic walking was probably invented about a hundred years ago in Finland as a year-round training for cross-country skiers. This fact alone indicates that walking with poles is no joke.

The Baltic Sea – Winter Activities

Cross-country skiing on the beach is an unusual but exciting sport. To practice it, you need the right conditions: a wide beach and a large amount of snow. There are few permanent and so-called conventional cross-country tracks. Wind and constantly falling snow don’t help, and neither do pedestrians or runners who unknowingly trample the carved tracks. A nod to skiers in recent years was made by the Gdańsk Sports Center along with Gdańsk Sea Bathing Resorts. Carved tracks appeared on the Stogi beach and on the section from Jelitkowo to the Brzeźno pier.
The best for winter sports are wide beaches with fine sand, and such a beach can be found in Dębki.
Open spaces provide enough room for everyone: lovers of walking, running, nordic walking, and skiing. Dębki, located half an hour’s drive from Władysławowo, is known for one of the widest beaches in Poland, only wider in Świnoujście. Delicate, fine sand delights at first glance. Pleasant to walk on, it encourages long walks. If walking on the beach is not enough, you can view it from a nearby observation tower. The scale is impressive. In the winter season, the tower is open on selected days.

Cold Water Adds Health

Ice bathing, i.e., regular winter baths in the sea or lake, has gained crazy popularity in recent years. A short dip in icy water stimulates the immune system, stimulates the production of white blood cells, and other elements of the immune system. Ice bathing has a stimulating effect on the nervous system, promotes the release of endorphins – natural chemical substances that act a bit like painkillers but primarily reduce stress and improve mood. Regular baths in water counting a few degrees Celsius increase concentration, endurance of the body, and can also alleviate symptoms of depression. However, it should be remembered that ice bathing is not suitable for everyone.

People with heart diseases, hypertension, blood clotting disorders, diabetes, or other illnesses should consult a doctor before starting ice bathing. For healthy individuals, it is important to gradually accustom the body to cold water and exercise caution to avoid hypothermia or other potential dangers associated with extreme water temperatures.

The Baltic Sea in Winter – Offers for a Vacation by the Sea

Fortunately, Baltic seaside towns can boast clean air. When looking for a place by the sea, it’s worth considering smaller, typically tourist settlements. In Dębki, not only the beach is captivating, but also the Coastal Landscape Park and the Piaśnica River, which spectacularly flows over the beach to flow into the Baltic Sea. Dębki also has a wide range of accommodations and cottages for rent. Fantazja Dębki is located 800 meters from the beach, in a quiet place. The facility has a large modern playground with a sandbox, a covered pool with pool toys for children, a dry sauna, and a jacuzzi.

Spacious cottages provide a comfortable living room with a charming relaxation corner, equipped with a kitchenette and bathroom. On the first floor are two bedrooms – one with a double bed and the other with three single beds. Each cottage covers an area of about 40 square meters and has air conditioning, ensuring optimal temperature throughout the year. The terrace invites relaxation and is a perfect place for outdoor relaxation and barbecues.
Winter by the sea is a great alternative for winter holidays in the mountains. If you love peace, like the comfort provided by year-round cottages, and want to use the sauna and jacuzzi – a stay in Fantazja Dębki will surely appeal to you!

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